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Base Rent Escalation Calculation for Retaile...

Jan 23, 2018
It is common for landlords to increase the base rent on retailers 3% annually. To understand how this would impact [more]
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What is “Omnichannel” retail?

Jan 19, 2018
What is “Omnichannel” retail? Consumers now expect boundaries between physical and online stores to be [more]
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Percentage Rent and Natural Breakpoints

Jan 16, 2018
it's common for landlords to require percentage rent to be paid in addition to base rent. When this negotiation poi [more]
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Letters of Intent and Leases for Retailers

Jan 12, 2018
retailers should review with their broker include foot and vehicle traffic, average utility costs, zoning, radius r [more]
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Three tips when doing biz with DC Gov.

Jan 09, 2018
We met up with the District of Columbia's Chief Procurement Officer James Staton at a recent meeting at the DC Cham [more]
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DC Zoning and Retail Uses

Jan 05, 2018
    Washington was one of the first cities to develop a comprehensive zoning ordinance after New York bro [more]
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Online Tenant Rent Payments

Jan 04, 2018
Tenants now expect property managers to offer the option of paying rent online. Tenants want to pay rent based on personal preference – online, mobile app, by phone, via text message with a credit car [more]
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Keys To Selecting Urban Retail Sites

Jan 02, 2018
Four Keys To Selecting an Urban Retail Store 1)Access Little or inconvenient parking in the suburbs can mean di [more]
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Commercial Tenant Insurance Requirements

Dec 30, 2017
Commercial tenants are required to have insurance before occupying their premises. A Certificate of insurance(COI) is the most common form of proof and is most often required pursuant to the lease and [more]
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Commercial Tenant Welcome Letter

Dec 30, 2017
Providing new commercial tenants with a simple, but thoughtful, welcome package helps set the tone for the future. It shows that you are a considerate property manager who cares about the property and [more]
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Painting Brick

Dec 29, 2017
Painting brick can make a building look great or not. However, from a maintenance perspective, simply sealing the b [more]
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Brick Restoration

Dec 26, 2017
Brick Restoration – Time and the elements can cause mortar to deteriorate. It is important to recognize that [more]
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