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Restaurant Risk

Oct 11, 2017
Are you looking to open a restaurant and make millions? It’s a very risky venture but it’s not the 90% [more]
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Commercial Tenant Qualifications

Oct 10, 2017
The process for retailers qualifying for a commercial lease can vary from landlord to landlord.  Landlords consider [more]
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Tenant Paying Rent

Oct 01, 2017
Landlord lease approval ultimately  depends on the tenant’s demonstration of their ability to pay rent on tim [more]
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Retailers Amazon-Proof Business

Aug 13, 2017
Just a few years ago, retailers could just be an aggregator of brands and make money. The continued rapid rise of A [more]
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Lease Renewal Options

Jul 09, 2017
As real estate brokers representing retail tenants, we try very hard to get lease renewal options into the initial [more]
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Fast Casual Competition

Mar 06, 2017
It’s a challenging and competitive for fast casual restaurants. The increased competition in burgers has led [more]
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Retail Signage

Feb 26, 2017
Signs serve as markers and create individual identities for businesses that add to the greater identity of a neighb [more]
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Commercial Real Estate Databases

Dec 17, 2016
To manage our real estate ecosystem we use several specific databases including Salesforce, Costar, STDB, RealNex a [more]
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Property Management : Financial Transparency

Nov 19, 2016
As property managers of commercial properties, we pride ourselves on providing transparency in the handling of our [more]
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Mattress Stores future

Nov 15, 2016
Shopping Centers Today, the popular trade rag among retail brokers and developers recently published an article  [more]
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Discounted Cash Flow and Market Value

Oct 30, 2016
We most often use the Discounted cash flow(DCF) analysis to determine a realistic market value for our clients prop [more]
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Managing Maintenance Operations

Oct 29, 2016
Property managers can add value to a property by increasing maintenance efficiency,controlling and reducing costs, [more]
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