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June 2019 News

Jun 15, 2019
June Commercial Property Tips FORWARD June 2019 Capital Retail News SHOPPING CENTER SURVIVAL The future of the shop [more]
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Shopping Center Survival

Jun 09, 2019
The future of the shopping center depends on its tenants ability to connect with buyers. Consumers have lots of onl [more]
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Blog Retail Changes

Retail Changes

Jun 03, 2019
Technology, demographics, and different consumer expectations are the three main drivers of change in the retail in [more]
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Alcohol Licensing and Process – DC Sty...

Apr 27, 2019
Many of the potential bar and restaurant tenants ask us about the alcohol licensing process and related requirement [more]
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Can Tenants Going South Be Turned Around?

Apr 24, 2019
Can Tenants Going South Be Turned Around? – We signed as a new client last week, a very nice ownership group [more]
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Property Statement of Cash Flow

Apr 20, 2019
The pro forma statement of cash flow is an annual statement listing property income and expenses. It includes reven [more]
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Two Financial Reasons for Buying Income Real...

Apr 20, 2019
Owners purchase income-producing properties for two main reasons: 1) Investment 2) Speculation. Investors in real e [more]
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Commercial Property Management

Hire The Right Commercial Property Company

Apr 14, 2019
Hiring the right commercial property company is important for property owners and tenants. Five things to consider [more]
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HVAC security

Apr 10, 2019
We understand the desire for HVAC and the electrical box to be tamper proof. As commercial property managers, we ar [more]
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Commercial Rent Increases

Apr 02, 2019
As a commercial property manager, tracking and enforcing tenant rent increases is an ongoing job responsibility. Ma [more]
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April 2019 Newsletter

Apr 01, 2019
FORWARD April 2019 – Commercial Property Tips HVAC SECURITY We understand the desire for HVAC and the electri [more]
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Water Submetering

Mar 30, 2019
As commercial property managers we have found it’s really important to have sub meters installed at each tena [more]
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