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Retailers Amazon-Proof Business

Aug 13, 2017
Just a few years ago, retailers could just be an aggregator of brands and make money. The continued rapid rise of A [more]
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Lease Renewal Options

Jul 09, 2017
As real estate brokers representing retail tenants, we try very hard to get lease renewal options into the initial [more]
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Fast Casual Competition

Mar 06, 2017
It’s a challenging and competitive for fast casual restaurants. The increased competition in burgers has led [more]
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Retail Signage

Feb 26, 2017
Signs serve as markers and create individual identities for businesses that add to the greater identity of a neighb [more]
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Commercial Real Estate Databases

Dec 17, 2016
To manage our real estate ecosystem we use several specific databases including Salesforce, Costar, STDB, RealNex a [more]
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Property Management : Financial Transparency

Nov 19, 2016
As property managers of commercial properties, we pride ourselves on providing transparency in the handling of our [more]
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Mattress Stores future

Nov 15, 2016
Shopping Centers Today, the popular trade rag among retail brokers and developers recently published an article  [more]
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Discounted Cash Flow and Market Value

Oct 30, 2016
We most often use the Discounted cash flow(DCF) analysis to determine a realistic market value for our clients prop [more]
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Managing Maintenance Operations

Oct 29, 2016
Property managers can add value to a property by increasing maintenance efficiency,controlling and reducing costs, [more]
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Capitalization Rate

Oct 17, 2016
We are often asked about the capitalization rate and how it is used in real estate.  A cap rate is a simple metric [more]
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Capitol Hill Historic District Window Replac...

Oct 10, 2016
Managing commercial properties on Capitol Hill requires an understanding of rules and regulations designed to help preserve and protect the historic neighborhood’s architectural and residential charac [more]
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Net Operating Income

Oct 02, 2016
The real estate industry considers Net Operating Income (NOI) a key metric in determining property valuation. At th [more]
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