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Restaurant Risk

May 28, 2018
Are you looking to open a restaurant and make millions? It’s a very risky venture but it’s not the 90% [more]
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Tenant Paying Rent

May 23, 2018
Landlord lease approval ultimately  depends on the tenant’s demonstration of their ability to pay rent on tim [more]
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Retailers Amazon-Proof Business

May 21, 2018
Just a few years ago, retailers could just be an aggregator of brands and make money. The continued rapid rise of A [more]
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Retail Signage

May 18, 2018
Signs serve as markers and create individual identities for businesses that add to the greater identity of a neighb [more]
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Commercial Real Estate Databases

May 16, 2018
To manage our real estate ecosystem we use several specific databases including Salesforce, Costar, STDB, RealNex a [more]
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Property Management Financial Transparency

May 14, 2018
As commercial property managers we know providing absolute transparency in the handling of our client’s prope [more]
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Discounted Cash Flow and Market Value

May 11, 2018
We most often use the Discounted cash flow(DCF) analysis to determine a realistic market value for our clients prop [more]
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Managing Maintenance Operations

May 09, 2018
Property managers can add value to a property by increasing maintenance efficiency, controlling and reducing costs, [more]
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Capitalization Rate

May 07, 2018
We are often asked about the capitalization rate and how it is used in real estate.  A cap rate is a simple metric [more]
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Net Operating Income

May 04, 2018
The real estate industry considers Net Operating Income (NOI) a key metric in determining property valuation. At th [more]
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Retail Tenant Qualifications

May 02, 2018
There are several issues that come into play when seeking to lease commercial space that will, to a certain extent, [more]
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Real Estate Criteria for Neighborhood Pizzer...

Apr 30, 2018
Any pizza restaurant owner looking for space needs to have set real estate criteria for determining which sites wil [more]
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