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Can Tenants Going South Be Turned Around?

Apr 24, 2019
Can Tenants Going South Be Turned Around? – We signed as a new client last week, a very nice ownership g [more]
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Retail Space Delivery

Apr 09, 2018
Retail space tenants who will be doing buildout on their space should know exactly how the space is being delivered [more]
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Apartment Building Retail Noise

Apr 04, 2018
Retailers on the ground floor of an apartment building often serve as additional amenities for the renters above. A [more]
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Analyzing Retail Lease Costs

Apr 02, 2018
Some commonly used terms and formulas related to analyzing retail lease costs include Base Rent, Rate, Total Effect [more]
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Most Basic Formula in Retail

Mar 20, 2018
The most basic formula in retail is Cost + Mark Up = Selling Price. “Cost” is the amount you pay for an [more]
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Building D.C. Energy Benchmarking

Mar 16, 2018
Building D.C. Energy Benchmarking – As managers of commercial property buildings, we are often asked by tenan [more]
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Commercial Property Investment & DSCR

Mar 13, 2018
Commercial Property Investment & DSCR – When we help our clients find income producing properties to purc [more]
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Commercial Real Estate Broker

Commercial Real Estate Broker

Mar 09, 2018
A good commercial real estate broker will: Research and find properties that meet the need of the client saving tim [more]
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Big Data For Retailers

Mar 06, 2018
Big Data For Retailers – Retailers can determine the viability of consumer demand by using an array of data p [more]
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Capital Retail Company

Commercial Property Management

Mar 02, 2018
Superior commercial property management comes through education, information sharing, and experience.  The best com [more]
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Commercial Evictions

Feb 27, 2018
We assist our  landlord clients through the eviction process in the District of Columbia. The United States Marshal [more]
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Bargaining Leverage: Tenant or Landlord

Feb 20, 2018
The outcome in lease negotiations between the landlord and retailer is largely determined by leverage. A number of [more]
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