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Property Statement of Cash Flow

Apr 20, 2019
The pro forma statement of cash flow is an annual statement listing property income and expenses. It includes revenue and operating exepenses through net operating income(NOI) and before tax cash flow [more]
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Two Financial Reasons for Buying Income Real...

Apr 20, 2019
Owners purchase income-producing properties for two main reasons: 1) Investment 2) Speculation. Investors in real estate often have a longer holding period then those who buy for speculation. The prim [more]
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Hire The Right Commercial Property Company

Apr 14, 2019
Hiring the right commercial property company is important for property owners and tenants. Five things to consider before hiring a commercial property agent and company are: Company Focus: Large natio [more]
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Signage for Retail

Mar 28, 2019
The ability to see a storefront from a major roadway, intersection or pedestrian sidewalk is a major consideration [more]
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Retail Business Google Maps

Jun 22, 2018
A retail business on Google Maps will have greater visibility and drive more traffic to their store than a retailer [more]
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Property Management Work Orders

Jun 11, 2018
In property management, it’s important to ensure property maintenance issues in a timely manner. By utilizing [more]
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Capital Retail Commercial Leasing

Commercial Lease Renewal Option

Jun 04, 2018
  As real estate brokers representing retail tenants, we negotiate with the landlord to have lease renewal opt [more]
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Collecting Rent

May 30, 2018
For the properties we manage, we send tenant invoices every month detailing the amount owed including base rent, co [more]
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Hand Dryers vs. Paper Towels

Feb 26, 2018
A few of the commercial  buildings we manage have paper towels as the only method for drying hands in the common area bathrooms. We did the cost benefit analysis and found that it was best to replace [more]
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