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Commercial Evictions

Posted by Capital Retail on February 27, 2018
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We assist our  landlord clients through the eviction process in the District of Columbia. The United States Marshal for the Superior Court District of Columbia is responsible for serving process for the Superior Court for the District of Columbia. This process includes Writs of Restitution that are issued for the recovery by eviction of tenants and property for judgment and/or restitution. Writs are filed in Landlord and Tenants Court (L&T).  The L&T office then forwards the writ to the U.S. Marshals’ office for scheduling of the actual eviction.  Issued Writs have a life of 75 calendar days. Commercial evictions requires a 25 man crew to be onsite at the time of the eviction.  If a crew is not ready and available they may cancel the eviction and the landlord has to to file a new writ. The Marshal does not have the eviction crew remove trash, only personal possessions which are not otherwise affixed to the property. The Marshal will direct you as to what stays and what goes.

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