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Blog Newsletter (May 2018) This is a Great Subject Commercial Real Estate Insights: Summer 18 COMMERCIAL LEASE RENEWAL OPTION As real estate brokers representing retail tenants, we negotiate with the landlord to have lease renewal options also called “extension terms” included in the primary lease. Renewal options are mostly to the benefit of the tenant and not the landlord. A renewal option in the …


Capital Retail Commercial Leasing

Blog: Newsletter June 2018

The Capital Retail Group newsletter edition for June 2018 gives important Commercial Real Estate Insights such as Commercial Lease Renewal Options, how to calculate Rent NNN Leases, Retailers Amazon-Proof Business and how databases including Salesforce, Costar, STDB, RealNex and Loopnet are used to manage our real estate ecosystem.


May Property Management News

The May 2018 newsletter from Capital Retail explains Property Management Duties, Tenant Insurance Requirements, Common Area Maintenance(CAM) Calculations, and CAM budgets. Read on to learn more


Certified Property Management

Here are some of the reasons why clients hire Capital Retail to manage their small to medium size commercial property:
Professionally Managed: We are Certified Property Managers (CPM) from the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) demonstrating integrity and management expertise.
Increased Tenant Satisfaction: We provide tenants multiple ways to communicate with us including an online work order system to log maintenance issues with notification updates.
Contractor Management: We hire only contractors who perform and do the job right the first time. We always get multiple quotes and track preventative maintenance activities which reduces expensive repairs and extends the equipment life cycles.
Controlled Property Expenses: We measure building performance prioritizing service and maintenance tasks, increasing overall building efficiency and owner ROI.

Financial Transparency: We partnered with a business intelligence accounting company and PNC Bank providing owners accurate and concise accounting reports.
Maximize Cash Flow: We collect rents 20% faster than others by providing tenants the ability to pay securely online using checking accounts, credit card, and debit cards.
Reduced Bad Debt: We follow up with courtesy calls for any late payers and drop the hammer via our trusted law partner on delinquents.