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Our concentration is in the areas where we have the highest level of
expertise and contacts: Retail Commercial Real Estate.


We are a small, agile team that works really well together. Imagine a group of talented brokers, property managers, and marketers all working together to provide an outstanding commercial real estate product and client experience. At CRG, our staff create a collaborative and supportive environment where we strive each day to push the limits of our negotiation and networking skills. You won’t find a team anywhere that you’ll enjoy working with more!

Robert Tack

(202) 360-1938

Melissa Streckfus

Property Manager
(512) 575-3485

Danny Henry

Property Maintenance Manager
(301) 643-2013

Sandipan Paul


David Yun

Leasing and Acquisition Specialist
(703) 338-1636
Harry Lee

Harry Lee

Leasing and Acquisition Specialist
(571) 283-4402

Michael Shin

Leasing and Acquisition Specialist