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Commercial Real Estate Consulting Services

What can Capital Retail, real estate consulting services do for you?

We can save you money and time while reducing stress.

We help with commercial real estate solution for Covid 19 for DC, MD and VA leases, locations, and how to best move forward.

We conduct research and create abatement rent related Covid tenant / landlord agreement. Then share with tenant/client and if approved propose to landlord

In addition to these, we further perform:

  • Review potential Covid 19 options with Tenants
  • Review communication between tenant and landlord
  • Engage with Landlords on behalf of tenants.
  • Review communication and existing Leases
  • Advise All of tenant sub-market rates.
  • Strategize plan for leasing new retail spaces.
  • Negotiate with potential landlord on behalf of tenants


    Find out more & see how we can work together. Call us at 202-319-2884 or complete this form. We promise to return the favor.

Videos on Covid 19 consulting services

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