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Corner Locations for Retailers

Posted by Capital Retail on August 9, 2015
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High volume corner locations are coveted by many convenience retailers because they are especially visible which aids in store awareness and marketing often boosting sales. Corners are also be frequent destinations for teens and adults, many of whom stop daily on the way to and from school and work. Yet, some corners are just not very pedestrian friendly nd need to be carefully analyzed for daytime and night time foot traffic patterns, nearness to parking, and distance to residential neighborhoods. If potential customers do not feel they can safely and quickly get to the retailer they will be less likely to make the trip. This corner of Wilson Lane and Old Georgetown and Arlington Roads is not well suited for quick serve restaurants who often depend on foot traffic to be successful. While there is free parking along Wilson lane, many daytime office workers are located across the street and have many other food options within a short walk of where they work. Soup Up DC is an organic soup restaurant who recently signed a lease and is expected to open in the fall. Hopefully, Soup Dc was able to negotiate a significant break in the rent, will educate their customer base about the free parking, offer catering, and make orders ahead easy to pick up.
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