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Hand Dryers vs. Paper Towels

Posted by Capital Retail on February 26, 2018
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A few of the commercial  buildings we manage have paper towels as the only method for drying hands in the common area bathrooms. We did the cost benefit analysis and found that it was best to replace the paper towels with hand dryers in most situations.  As reported by both the cleaning crew and multiple tenants paper towels were  found on the bathroom floor or worse found clogging the toilets. A restroom that gets a medium amount of usage can expect to use at least one package of paper towels daily, for a total cost of about $50 per month, not including the extra cost of trash bags and maintenance. The fact that people typically use at least two towels to dry their hands combined with the likelihood of waste when people pull out extra towels and discard them can significantly increase the number of towels used.
Hand dryers will cost more upfront but save more in cleanup and towel expenditures. It’s also more professional and environmentally friendly.

Excel Dryer has a detailed yet easy to use hand dryer payback calculator you can use to determine the payback time frame.

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