April 2019 Newsletter

FORWARD April 2019 – Commercial Property Tips HVAC SECURITY We understand the desire for HVAC and the electrical box to be tamper proof. As commercial property managers, we are allowed to put disconnects and overcurrent devices behind a locked door to prevent access by unauthorized persons as long as all tenants have a key. The definition of readily accessible does not preclude the use …


March 2019 Newsletter

a FORWARD March 2019 Capital Retail News COMMERCIAL PROPERTY RENT ROLL REPORT The rent roll report shows the existing revenue generated for a commercial real property and a critical component in determining the valuation an income producing asset.  Many owners and lenders will first use the rent roll report to calculate the price of a property. The rent roll reports the amount of income …


Capital Retail Commercial Leasing

Newsletter June 2018

Commercial Real Estate Insights: Summer 18 COMMERCIAL LEASE RENEWAL OPTION   As real estate brokers representing retail tenants, we negotiate with the landlord to have lease renewal options also called “extension terms” included in the primary lease. Renewal options are mostly to the benefit of the tenant and not the landlord. A renewal option in the lease is up to the tenant to exercise …


CRG March 18 Newsletter

STAY INFORMED ONLINE TENANT RENT PAYMENTS   Tenants now expect property managers to offer the option of paying rent online. Tenants want to pay rent based on personal preference – online, mobile app, by phone, via text message with a credit card, debit card or e-Check.  They also demand the ability to track their transactions and confirm payments when reviewing card or bank account …