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Retail Business Google Maps

Posted by Capital Retail on June 22, 2018
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A retail business on Google Maps will have greater visibility and drive more traffic to their store than a retailer who cannot be found on Google Maps. As a property manager of several shopping centers, my colleagues and I encourage all of our retail tenants to get on Google Maps.  If retailers simply add their business to google maps they will be more easily found.  This is especially important for small retail tenants who don’t have a website and do most of their business at their stores. Retailers who add photos to Google Maps will have even greater brand reach than those retailers without photos. The use of high quality images helps retailers stand out. We recommend selecting pictures of the inside of your business, your staff members, and the store front. This will better assist customers make the decision to choose your business over the competition. Customers searching for, say, convenience store, in their local area will open up Google and find which convenience stores are closest from their location. Getting on Google Maps is free and only takes a few minutes to complete.  Google provides a a step by step guide on how to add your business to Google Maps. With some effort, retailers can literally place themselves on the map!
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