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Retail Signage

Posted by Capital Retail on May 18, 2018
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Class A building with Class C retail signage

Signs serve as markers and create individual identities for businesses that add to the greater identity of a neighborhood. Don’t go cheap on signage. It’s a good branding opportunity and can drive business to your store. We often see small retailers do their build-out only to have little money left over to do a sign. Instead they create chicken scratch signs that reflect poorly on their business and the landlord. Architects and landlords often compound the retail signage issue by not giving enough room on their building for any meaningfully visible retail signage. This trophy nine-story LEED Platinum Certified Class A building is comprised of 212,000 square-feet of office space and 13,700 square-feet of retail space located at 4500 East West Highway. Did Shalom Baranes Associates designed 4500 East West Highway but left little potential for exterior signage. Conceptually, a transparent storefront welcomes customers inside with products and services on display, discourages crime with more “eyes on the street”, reduces energy consumption by allowing natural light into stores, and enhances the curb appeal and value of the store, as well as the entire neighborhood. However, it’s the execution and details that really make the difference. The lack of retail visibility is a real challenge for small retailers who need all the help they can get against Amazon, the all mighty retail crushing giant. Typically retailers must adhere to signage guidelines outlined in their lease and submit their signage for landlord approval. Has the landlord approved this signage?

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