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Shopping Center Survival

Posted by Jerin Thomas on June 9, 2019
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The future of the shopping center depends on its tenants ability to connect with buyers. Consumers have lots of online retail buying opportunities. Shopping centers who are engaging with consumers directly are proving to be more prosperous than those not doing anything.

Events sponsored by shopping centers can realize community functions such as increased social interaction and strengthen social bonds. Some centers are serving as a public place to gather by holding different kinds of events such as a farmers market, car show, art sales, charity drives, outdoor theater, and pet adoption. Some centers focus on holding events to bring in young kids, and therefore their consuming parents: Mommy Monday’s, Toddler Tuesday’s.

Tenants can participate in these special days by adding coupons or freebies to giveaway goodie bags. It’s now the consumer experience that counts for shopping centers. Shopping centers that secure a spot as the unofficial heart and soul of the community are crushing it.

The best centers are remaining true to their original appeal as fun, safe places for a community to gather and enjoy experiences outside the home. This connection cannot be replicated online.