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Signage for Retail

Posted by Capital Retail on March 28, 2019
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The ability to see a storefront from a major roadway, intersection or pedestrian sidewalk is a major consideration for retailers. Generally, retail spaces that are tucked away from view by the natural landscape or poor placement will experience lower sales volumes than retailers clearly visible to passersby. A consumer’s decision to frequent a retailer can be driven by seeing the retailer’s storefront or sign.Retail owners of Bethesda Boards in Bethesda Md won a victory for all those who have creative ideas for their business signage. After Montgomery County requested the skateboard sign to be removed, the retailer petioned and this sign was approved to remain. It’s a fantastic way of advertising the business and very creative. More retailers would stay in business if they thought about signage as an extension of their brand. Retailers are knowledgeable of these psychological shopping patterns and attempt to maximize their visibility in the market by locating in places that offer large signage opportunities. Furthermore, brand recognition through a physical presence is becoming increasingly more important to retailers as society moves forward into the digital age.
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