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The Retailer Entrance

Posted by Capital Retail on March 27, 2018
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An enjoyable experience at any retailer starts at the entrance. The retailer entrance is often strategically designed to create the image and reputation the retailer wants to project for potential customers. In devising a strategy around a store’s entrance, there is no one solution that meets the needs of all retailers. However, there are some basic key components of a good entrance that include the following:

  • Entrance should be barrier free.
  • Upon entering the store it should be easy to visually sweep the store or at least first floor in order to understand the store offerings.
  • The entrance should be free of intimidating signs like “No shirt, no shoes, no service” or “Shoplifters will be prosecuted”.
  • The entrance should be easy to walk in, around, and out.
  • Other human senses should be contacted immediately upon entering the store (e.g., pleasant aroma from cafe;plasma screen showing sports in a sporting goods store).
  • There should be a merchandise theme starting at the entrance in a front and forward position that builds upon the merchandise theme in the windows.




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