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Video Has Killed the Radio Star

Posted by Capital Retail on January 13, 2012
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Capital Retail Group has released a collection of videos that embody the energy and passion of their most engaged clients. The video content is uniquely created for the niche of commercial retail real estate and is distributed on the Capital Retail Group blog. The videos focus on the retailer’s place of business and their experience with retail space.

“Our hope is the videos will make the leasing process a little less mysterious,” Robert Tack, owner of Capital Retail Group said. “Finding and leasing retail space is one of the biggest investments a retailer will make, yet many don’t know what the process is really like.” The video interviews are meant to shed light on the search and leasing process that goes into finding a successful retail storefront while also serving as a way to connect with past clients and see how the results have impacted their business.

The first of several videos were done at the new home of Central Properties located in the U street neighborhood of Washington DC. Capital Retail Group’s own Robert Tack, who helped find the space and negotiate the business terms for Central Properties, interviewed the owner Paul Sliwka. “It was great to go back and talk with Paul about his space and experiences,” Robert said. “As retail leasing agents, we create these very long lasting leases for our clients, but then after we’re finished we don’t always get to hear about how it impacted their business lives.”

Robert Tack, along with the crew from Capital Retail Group, returned to Central Properties after they opened for business. Because of the video interview, Robert was able to learn that Paul and his team enjoyed using their conference room and added a second floor. “If we hadn’t come back, we wouldn’t have learned the clients were as happy as they were with our help,” Robert Tack said.

The video interview is the first of many slated for distribution by Capital Retail Group in the coming months. Capital Retail Group’s videos interview with retailers can be watched here.

Indeed, video has killed the radio star

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